Monday, December 13, 2004

Far out

Now that the Christmas tree is up I get to play with my new favorite toy. Thanks Mary, for sending these way cool glasses.

When you look at Christmas lights through them it's like, well, like, the lights get all freaky, man. You remember that acid we dropped at the Grateful Dead concert in 1972, man? Well, it's like that, only this time it happens ONLY WHEN YOU PUT THE GLASSES ON, man.

Mary sent us four pairs so come on over and let's trip.


Sharon said...

Do I smell incense or is that something else?

Sharon said...

O.K. Mary passed out 3-d glasses to everyone and they are so COOL! Erin, Thommy and I wore ours in the atrium to look at the big Christmas tree and did random acts of silliness with passers by--grabbed 'em, told them to put on the glasses and look at the tree. Smiles--I'm telling you people actually smiled in the building today.