Friday, December 30, 2011

My rules about food

1. If it is consumed before 12 noon it must be real breakfast-type food. What is "real" you ask? Fruits, breads-pastries-cakes, cereals, egg-type stuff, bacon-ham-sausage, milk or yogurt. Hey, these are MY rules! (No pizza, but exceptions can be made if you've been up all night.)

2. If it contains cream cheese it is NOT sushi.

3. Anything that contains peanut butter is NOT dessert.

4. There's no such thing as bad chocolate, old chocolate or useless chocolate. Period.

5. Don't serve me food that I have to gnaw off a bone. Gross. Really.

6. My martinis are made with gin. They were invented that way. God save the queen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy birthday

I decided to repost this in honor of Hannah's 25th birthday this year.

I'm remembering the day she was born. It was cold but clear. I was nervous but prepared.

I approached motherhood in the same way that I approach every part of my life -- learn everything you can, dive in, and expect the best. I've never been disappointed.

Hannah's teenage years provided some of my best stories. Once I "stole" her car and hid it at a friend's house to teach her a lesson. It took her less than 5 hours to find it and steal it back. She told me that she used to sneak out of her bedroom window by climbing out onto the roof so I asked her to use that same skill to clean the gutters. And then there were the boys. Some of them were crazy, some of them were too old but I'm proud to say that she brought them all home anyway for me to meet.

The year she turned 18 and I turned 50 (less than a month apart) we celebrated by going to get tatoos together. It was her first and my only.

Today she turns 22. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's a fascinating person. And I love her very much.