Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wish List #1

1) Classical music "sampler" CD to help me decide what to buy.
2) Two more of those ultra soft down pillows.
3) Stylish new winter coat.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pure as driven snow

I have decided to stop swearing.

Besides, I'm not really very good at it. I grew up in a house where damn, hell and shit (and the occasional shit-ass) were as bad as it got. I don't know whether to classify piss-ant as swearing or not. I have never been sure what it really means, except that Mom is mad and to stay out of the kitchen.

From now on, every fucking thing I say will be expletive-free. I am not shitting you. This goddamn habit has gotten out of hand. For example, my son-of-a-bitching DREAMS are riddled with words that could scorch my down-filled pillows.

Jesus H. Christ. I am, after all, a Ph.D. program dropout so shouldn't I have a adequate and appropriate vocabulary ready at the drop of my tongue? Hell yes! Yet somehow this dumbass, distasteful behavior has become part of my repertoire.

I've quit. Really.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Anniversary? What? When?

CORRECTION: I must confess. This post has been edited. The original version said "Babycakes and I have been together since November 1994." That was WRONG (and boy, did I hear about it!). The correct year was 1993. See what I mean? I am bad, very bad.

Eek's post about her anniversary got me thinking about my own relationships.

When I got married (what was I thinking!) it was a Tuesday, at lunch. What can I say? I am obviously a hopeless romantic.

I never could remember the date of my anniversary. My spouse (we never referred to each other as husband/wife, although now I delight in calling him my EX-husband) gave me a ring on the occasion of our 10th year together. We'd never had wedding rings before -- something that drove my mother bat-crazy.

Anyway, it was something he'd designed and it was lovely. It also had the date engraved inside. We were together for another seven years.

Babycakes and I have been together since November 1993 (far out!) and, umm, we can't really get married because of that gender thing and George W. Bush.

So Babycakes and I don't really have an anniversary because when do same-sex couples start counting? First date? First sleep-over? Move in together date?

We need your help to choose a date. Ideas?