Friday, September 10, 2010

Best martini in Louisville?

A friend recently asked me "who makes the best martinis in town?"

I don't know if I can answer the "best" question but I always like Jack's Lounge for a "cocktails only" kind of evening. Andrew and the other bartenders at Baxter Station also know their stuff. I can also be seen at the bar at North End Café with a martini in my hand.

The lobby bar at the Brown (of course) and the bar at Proof should not be overlooked.

I used to say that the bartender needed to be older than me to make a decent martini, but that rule doesn't apply anymore.

Oh god, am I THAT old?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where did my mind go?

There are days in which I am as focused as a laser beam and others, well, others like today.

There are too many things vying for my attention, and maybe that's the problem. Not one of those "things" is big enough or noisy enough or (dare I say?) important enough to get me to pay attention for more than a few minutes.

Trying now to pay close attention.