Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She's leaving home, bye-bye

The eldest child has flown the nest. Alas, she's taken her toothbrush (and half of everything else she found in the bathroom closet) to live in a charming carriage-house-y, loft-like abode about half a mile east of here.

Tonight we shopped for sundry items needed for her bohemian existence.

A colander. A kitchen knife. Peanut butter. Angel hair pasta. A broom.

Her brother asks, "Do you have plans for her room?"

"Yes," I say. "It will remain a shrine."

"Yeah right," he snorts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mojo happening

Trust issues abound. The rain won't stop. Boxes won't close. Misunderstandings occur. Plans won't jell. The bleeding won't stop. Projects won't end. Schedules change.

People are asking "how did this happen?" We know there's not a satisfactory answer. But we continue to ask, to blame, to protest, to say we don't understand.

My wise friends tell me "let go," even though they know it is not in my nature. But some things can't (won't) be controlled.

Lessons to be learned.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Crazy as hell

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Work-Sleep, Work-Sleep. Repeat.

The past four days have been work-sleep, work-sleep, work-sleep and work-sleep. Every meal (and cocktail) has been work-related since last Thursday. Blog tending suffers with this schedule.

But during this busy time I've noticed the following:

- I like my boss. She says 'thank you' a lot.
- I'm lucky that I work with smart, talented, creative and funny people.
- I'm trying to learn to say 'thank you' more. Bear with me.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Happy birthday (I think)

I've been invited to celebrate birthdays with some people who were born in 1975.

Holy shit I'm old. I was arrested twice before they were even born.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Can you get seasick on Lake Michigan?

Babycakes and I spent the weekend in Chicago (you'll hear more about our trip in later posts, but you can see pictures now). The weather was gorgeous and we wandered down to the lake, lured by the giant ferris wheel at the Navy Pier.

I wanted to go up in the big tall wheel but babycakes reminded me that she doesn't enjoy heights so we decided to go for a ride in the tall sailing ship instead.

Bad idea. I lost my lunch. Right there over the side. Three times. No, we don't have pictures of THAT.

I always forget that I don't do well on boats on open water. I can handle a canoe or even white water rafting but clearly I need to stay close to the shore. But this boat was so pretty with its tall white sails and the water looked lovely and the cruise was only an hour and a half ... I was sure it would be just fine. Besides, this was not the ocean, it was Lake Michigan.

I think I've learned my lesson.