Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She's leaving home, bye-bye

The eldest child has flown the nest. Alas, she's taken her toothbrush (and half of everything else she found in the bathroom closet) to live in a charming carriage-house-y, loft-like abode about half a mile east of here.

Tonight we shopped for sundry items needed for her bohemian existence.

A colander. A kitchen knife. Peanut butter. Angel hair pasta. A broom.

Her brother asks, "Do you have plans for her room?"

"Yes," I say. "It will remain a shrine."

"Yeah right," he snorts.


Steve Caratzas said...

Bohemian and invested in dental care? Intriguing combo.

Carrie said...

Damn. Even I don't have a colander.

dottcomments said...

Then how on earth do you coland?