Saturday, September 24, 2005

Domestic bliss

A week alone in a hotel room sucks.

Sure, the first day or two it's great. Someone cleans up and you can eat and watch TV in bed. I don't get that at home.

I miss babycakes and the way she smells. I am so bad on the phone that I think it's best I don't even call.

When we're together we can easily talk about nothing. Or sometimes we don't. We read each other's minds. And laugh. And sleep. And eat.

And that other thing.

Can't wait to get home on Sunday.

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's a small, small world

The scene:

The cast:
Our Heroine (me)
The Woman

The plot:
Another in a continuing saga wherein our heroine can never go to the airport without seeing someone she knows. In this case, someone with whom she went to high school (a long time ago in a tiny small town).

The dialogue:
The Woman: "Aren't you from [name of small town]?"
Heroine (wearing confused look}: "Yes, I am."
The Woman: "I'm Jane [last name]."
Heroine: "Oh yes, I remember you."

A long conversation ensues. Much information is exchanged. Divorces and children are discussed.

The Woman: "I now live with [X], do you remember him?"
Heroine: "Yes, of course. Actually, we're related ... his grandmother and my grandfather were sister and brother ..."

At this point our Heroine decides to investigate train travel for her next business trip to avoid this occurance in the future.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Napping in D.C.

Babycakes and I spent the weekend napping in Washington, D.C., that is, when we weren't eating.

Okay, it's my fault. I had one (maybe two) martinis too many Thursday night. An error in judgement. I had not packed for our 7:40 a.m. flight Friday.

After attempting to clear the toxins from my system (yeah, you're imagining the right form of purge) I decided to take a dramamine tablet at the airport moments before we boarded the plane.

When we arrived in D.C. I decided to nap some more ... then we went out to forage for food in the lovely Dupont Circle neighborhood where we were staying. A couple of gourmet pizzas later, we were back in the hotel sleeping some more.

Saturday was spent at the Museum of the American Indian which has the best food court of all the Smithsonians. All the food was traditional native foods ... corn (we call it maize), beans, bison, salmon, turkey ... and oh yeah, the exhibits were good too.

After the museum we came back to hotel to nap. Then we went to the Adams Morgan neighborhood in search of Ethiopian food ... and pie.

Today we slept late, ate breakfast, shopped and had lunch at City Lights, a terrific chinese restaurant in Dupont Circle.

I had to move hotels (to be where my meeting is being held) and sent Babycakes off to the airport this afternoon.

Then I took a nap.