Sunday, December 5, 2004

The Dott Comments Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Welcome to the 2004 edition of the Dott Comments Guide to Holiday Gift Giving. So sorry we couldn't mail out the annual color catalog this year, babycakes has been too busy keeping crazy people off the streets and I've been doing ... well, um ... this.

In our house we try to give "experiences" rather than "stuff," especially now that the children are too old for visits to that store with the stupid giraffe mascot. Food, travel and items that enhance our entertainment are usually high on the list.

This year I've decided to be radical and say MONEY MAKES THE BEST GIFT EVER. No, no, no ... I'm not asking you to give it to me. I want you to give it to one of these cool non-profits or businesses owned or managed by someone I actually know. A small ($5 or $10) donation or gift card would go a long way.

Everything on this list is near and dear to my heart and I promise that I personally know everyone I've listed here. But don't you have your own list?

Appalshop (where I spent my formative years)
Bridgehaven (Arti and Tyler the therapy dog will appreciate your support)
Hospice (ask Clare and Cathy about their "golden coffins")
Just Solutions (for Janet and the best of boards)
Louisville Youth Group (I could list lots of GLBT groups, but Quartez just inspires me)
Kentucky Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression (Anne Braden is my hero)
Kentucky Foundation for Women (for the many days I've spent at Hopscotch House)
Pleiades Theatre Company (Hannah was a lighting intern there)
Wellspring House (where babycakes cut her therapy teeth)
Walden Theatre (Hannah acted there)

(buy gift certificates)
Baxter Theatres (don't ask Hannah for passes, buy gift cards)
Butterfly Cuisine (Laura, our chef, is wonderful. Try her yourself)
Just Creations (Becky, Mike and Barbara, this one's for you)
Knit Nook (Keep Louisville Weird, ok Dennis?)
Yoga Studio Louisville (Alex and Jessica, I promise I'll come back to class soon)

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MsHellion said...

Another shout out for Hospice. A lady from our church who works for Hospice has joined a delegation going overseas to help implement Hospice programs there. Apparently, it is a very foreign concept in some parts of the Middle East and thereabouts, so this is some really important and difficult work.