Monday, December 27, 2004

Bah humbug!

Teenagers are absolutely NO FUN on Christmas. They finally woke up around 11 a.m., wandered around in the kitchen where I was cooking the roast beast and then went off to watch TV or get on the computer.

Babycakes and I toasted our Bloody Marys and went back to food preparation. It turns out that not all of the friends who had been invited for the festive meal were able to show up (because of the snow) but we had terrific time anyway, even though it was served earlier in the day than we were used to.

Finally, the kids said, "Let's open presents" so they did. Jack went off immediately to work on wiring issues (tv plus dvd plus cable tv) in his room and Hannah packed up enough leftovers to feed several coworkers at the Baxter Theatres and headed off to sling popcorn for the rest of the day.

Another Bloody Mary anyone?

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MsHellion said...

The Christmas spirit has likewise departed from our home at the tender age of 11. Several days before Christmas, Ricky informed us that's he's really not excited about the holidays anymore. He just wants money. Though I am glad to FINALLY be out of the toy market (other than the ones I get for moi) it is a bit of a bummer when the kids give up the ghost.