Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yes, there WILL be a quiz

My friends link to their friends' blogs. I now "know" people I don't know.

Some of these same people I know also link to people they don't know but they like their blogs anyway.

It's always nice when people link back but sometimes they don't. Is there a rule about this that I should know about?

Comments are dangerous. This I've learned.

Then there's the Dooce factor, i.e., never blog about work. But what if you change all the names and places? Is it okay then? If so, I've got some stories.

Should I be talking about real people with their real names in my blog? Or am I only supposed to do that if I'm mad at them or if they already use their real names on their blogs?


Carrie said...

I dare say we're all still figuring this one out. Most of my work posts are in draft mode ;)

Dr. Chingasa said...

I blog about work, but I work with morons who can barely turn on a computer much less have the technical aptitude to read or even give a fuck about what a Blog is. Therefore, I blog about the morons at work, don't mention real names, and Gonzo it up enough so that at an unemployment hearing it will stand-up as fiction rather than fact.