Monday, March 14, 2005

Kitty cocaine

The cute cartoon character cats on the colorful packages lured us. "Awwww, look how cute? Won't Moe just love these?"

I still remember the day she saw the first package of ... Whisker Lickin's.

First it was just recreational. But it didn't take long for her to learn to do tricks for the tiny morsels.

Now the cat has turned to a life of crime. Begging, stealing, and now violence. Anyone who enters the kitchen is threatened. First she wraps herself around our feet in an attempt to steer us (or maybe trip us). If that doesn't work, she resorts to biting.

Moe is an addict. I feel I'm to blame.

"Please help me kick the habit." 

1 comment:

eek said...

Wow, Moe could not look more stoned.

Are you sure she's not catnipping on the side, too?