Monday, November 1, 2004

Trick or treat, smell my feet ...

I've been buying Halloween candy since August at the rate of a bag a week. For three years in a row I've had to raid Jack and Hannah's candy stash to satisfy the trick-or-treaters.

Two days ago I panicked and bought the biggest bag of cheap-ass candy I could find. I started the night with that bag, thinking that if I had leftovers I'd prefer Milky Way bars instead of lollipops.

The strategy worked. We have a little bit left over, but it's the good stuff.

We live one street away from the biggest trick-or-treat street in town. Almost all the houses on that street install elaborate (and gory) decorations. They get so many visitors on Halloween night I'm surprised that the police don't allow them to block the street from traffic. It's like Mardi Gras. This year was the first year they didn't allow on-street parking there, so, everyone parked on OUR street.

Great costumes, beautiful weather, fun night.

Jack wore his Kerry t-shirt. When asked, "What are you?" he replied, "A Kerry supporter." One group of 10 year-olds told us we got lots of "cool points" for our Kerry signs.

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