Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm not paranoid, they're out to get me

Here's a conspiracy theory for you.

If you're a child, you can get a flu shot. If you parent small children, you can probably get a flu shot. If you're over 65 you can get a flu shot.

But - and here's the thing - if you're aged 50 to 65 you probably CANNOT get a flu shot.

This means that the baby-boomers had better watch out. If they succeed in infecting us with the flu and we all get sick and die, Social Security is saved and a lot of really good jobs open up.

There you have it: Motive and opportunity.

Watch my back, will you?

1 comment:

MsHellion said...

"Watch your back" nothin'! I'm waiting for you to drop, boomer. Promotions are hard to come by, you know. ;)