Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Life changes after children

My friend Carrie, who is at home with her newborn son, has given up knitting -- and sleeping, apparently -- for the short term while she adjusts to motherhood.

I hear that the wee one is feeding on demand and demanding to be walked. Parents develop amnesia, thank god, and forget that they had different lives ... before.

  • every piece of clothing you own smells like sour milk
  • movies about people with babies were boring
  • you used to GO OUT at 10 p.m., not COME HOME at that time

I remember telling a friend about how cool it was that the babysitter (a 15-year-old) loved coming to our house so she could listen to our old (vinyl) records.

"You let her touch your stereo?!" he sputtered.

"Oh right," I answered. "She can touch the BABY, just not the frigging STEREO."

People without kids just don't get it.


MsHellion said...


Anonymous said...

Too funny!

The best babysitting gigs were the ones with interesting book/music collections and plenty of good food. An extremely laid-back approach to child-rearing was also key.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a child, but I still understand. Believe me, looking after Erin is damn near a full-time job! :-)

    -- Jason

Anonymous said...

Totally unprepared. And I was a terrible babysitter. -- Carrie