Thursday, November 4, 2004

Voters lined up

Yes, there were people in line to vote at 6 a.m. but since there are just over 1,500 registered voters in precincts G141 and G150 we never experienced the long lines reported in the news media.

We had 8 voting booths where voters go to color in the ovals on the paper ballot but one AccuVote machine.

A voter must sign the roll of voters to receive a ballot. The roll of voters is simply a computer printout of everyone registered to vote in that precinct. It lists the voter's name, social security number, address, birthday, and party affiliation. Our roll was split into two books. I took the list marked "A through L" and another worker, George, had "M through Z."

Voters must show indentification before they are allowed to vote. The I.D. can be a driver's license, other photo I.D. or even a credit card. Or if the voter is a personal acquaintance of the poll worker that counts too. The worker finds the name and marks the type of I.D. in the book, then the voter signs. It's pretty cool because the place where the voter signs is upside down so I didn't even have to move the book. As I gave the voter a ballot, I marked the stub number of the ballot in the book and added my initials.

The stub on the ballot is torn off BEFORE the ballot goes into the AccuVote machine. The stub is placed into a separate locked compartment in the black box under the AV.

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