Saturday, November 17, 2007

A winning day

I spent yesterday at Churchill Downs with Becky (I did not take this picture) where we cashed tickets on EVERY SINGLE RACE.

Becky knows how to read a racing form and came prepared. Me? I just went down to the paddock and picked any horse that 1) was tall, 2) looked me in the eye, or 3) had a name I liked.

I don't bet a lot of money because I don't have a lot of money. But yesterday I was prepared to bet $8 on every race. My patterns was to make one bet "across the board" for $6 and $2 to win, place or show on a second horse. I don't bet "exotics" like daily doubles or exactas, but Becky does.

I cashed a ticket on every race. Every single one. I came home with about $30 more than I started with, even after paying for admission, a program and a bloody mary.

Best bet of the day: Creative Design paid $38 on my $6 across the board bet.

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