Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fresh sap ... rising

"Suddenly you find at the age of fifty that a whole new life has opened before you as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you." (Agatha Christie 1891-1976)

Happy birthday to me (yesterday).


Carrie said...

That's an excellent description! When my mom hit 50 it was a hurricane and it hasn't stopped. Where DOES she get the energy?

Happy Birthday!

MsAPhillips said...

Everybody chipped in and got you a Democratic governor for your birthday. Hope it fits!

Kath said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

What?? No listing of your phone # so people can call you on your bd?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your party was fun....Happy belated Birthday.

Your sister

Steve Caratzas said...

Happy belated birthday!