Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday season has begun

I usually don't celebrate a birthDAY, for me it is a birthday SEASON.

This year the season began with Babycakes bringing home a case of wine (okay, so that's more of a present for all of YOU who will be expected to visit during the season).

Then Kelly gave me this wonderful jewelry she made.

Today we had brunch at Wild Eggs then headed over to Whole Foods to order our free-range turkey for Thanksgiving. I found a lovely scarf (and Babycakes bought it for me).

This afternoon I'm shopping for new socks and underwear. Any activity is instantly festive and birthday season-y if you try hard enough.

And the Martini Slut party will be on Nov. 10. Y'all come!


Thommy said...

I went to Wild Eggs Sunday morning and there was a 45 min wait ... so we went to brunch at the cheesecake factory instead. =(

mk99 said...

Happy Birthday!