Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween recap

We "served" about 500 trick-or-treaters this Halloween although the count is never accurate because Babycakes always gives out more than one piece of candy per child. I am much more stingy.

By the end of the night I was offering two pieces to anyone who would sing. The best performance was by three eight-year-olds who sang a very loud version of "Happy Birthday." Adorable.

"Princess" seems to be the most popular costume, but only for girls. Some princesses had wings, so they became "Angel Princess" and the older girls favored "Dead Princess."

"Pirate" was a very popular choice for boys and girls and for all ages. Some of the homemade pirate costumes were quite good. I give full credit to Johnny Depp for making piracy cool again.

There were plenty of superheros (mostly boys) wearing store-bought costumes with built-in muscles. It's odd to see a three-year-old muscular Spiderman. Lots of store-bought ghoul costumes and masks too, but I also counted a number of kids with very, very well-done makeup.

Most embarrassing moment: When we told someone he looked a little old to be trick-or-treating and the child with him said "He's autistic." Ouch.

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Kath said...

Death!! I had a lot of Death costumes!!

Total count was just under 200 as I am stingy as well and do one candy per child..after digging out all the Skittles for ME!! And it was a 250 count bag and I had about 35 pieces left over.

Halloween math!