Friday, March 2, 2007

True confessions

Ever had one of those days when you needed to get some things off your chest? Well this is one of them for me.

1) If you were driving behind me yesterday, yes, I DID deliberately block you. It pisses me off when you know that the lane is ending soon because you drive this way every day like me. And even though the traffic is backed up because it's rush hour, you STILL try to swoop around on the right to get ahead of me instead of merging left like the sign says. I'm sorry but I hate that.

2) While I don't think I actually called you crazy out loud I was thinking it and you probably picked up on that. And yes, I did raise my voice during our phone call yesterday. And no, I haven't decided to add you to the "worst client in the western hemisphere" list yet but I am still considering it.

3) I'm a judgemental, opinionated, loud-mouthed bitch. There I said it. It's taken me years to develop this well-honed skill. The next time I act like that around you, just walk away. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I'm not even aware that I might be hurting yours.

4) I am Anna Nicole's baby's daddy. I couldn't keep this to myself any longer. Call me when I can come by to pick up the baby and the money.


MsAPhillips said...

Maybe I'm crazy too, but this sounds like a serenity prayer for the 21st Century. Come to New York and ride shotgun...

Dott Comments said...

No wonder I feel at home in NY. I must be vibrating at your speed.

Carrie Hunter said...

OMG! I do that, too. I hate it when people try to get around me on the rightin a lane that ends or is a parking lane. I say let's all block 'em in! BTW I'm one of the dirty socks.