Monday, March 26, 2007

Rules for the bathroom

toiletIn the bathroom at work today I was shocked to see an open Sprite can on the sink. Its owner was in the bathroom too. I knew this because I could hear her humming an Abba song in the third stall.

Doesn't that violate the number one bathroom rule? Food isn't allowed in the bathroom. Ever.

Coffee cup on the sink? Never. I won't even allow myself to soak in the tub with a glass of wine (although they do that on TV all the time).

What has this world come to?


Thommy said...

At work I find bathroom conversations totally unacceptable, especially if I am at the urinal. If you are a male co-worker of mine and you are reading this please do not ever speak to me in the bathroom.

Dr. Chingasa said...

My own personal rules dictate that capped soads are OK on the public sink counter top IF and only IF I'm about to poo/pee myself. All other food objects, including cans, are taboo in public shitters. I do drink a beer while in the tub on occasion though.

mk99 said...

That is what the window ledge or cabinet is for on your way in. Totally agree.

However, I do love my wine or coffee while in the tub (depending on the time of day).

The new house has a hot tub - me will be spending lots of time with my glass of wine, well at least lots more time in the tub. Sniff Sniff.

K Rad said...

I had an ice cream date with a fella once. We had visited some ice cream stand, then stopped by a White Castle so I could use the bathroom. I ordered a cup of water, took a drink then handed it to my date and asked him to hold it while I went to the ladies room. When I came out, he was no where to be found for a moment. Then I saw him exiting the men's room... WITH MY water in hand. Now it doesn't take a lot of creative thinking to understand that if I didn't want to take it into the women's bathroom... I sure the hell wouldn't have wanted it in the men's! That was the one and only date we had.

Kory said...

There's a guy in my office building that eats while on the toilet...

makes me want to gag.