Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best falafel in town

This was a serious competition. We'd invited 12 women to choose the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Louisville.

The food was assembled on my dining room table. Each dish had a number rather than a restaurant name. That way we couldn't play favorites.

We tasted falafel. And tasted hummus. And tahini salads. Some of us tasted hot sauce. All of the pita bread came from Al Watan's bakery.

Then we voted. The winners were (thanks Kelly):

Falafel: Al Watan, 3713 Klondike Lane (also best hot sauce)
Hummus: Pita Delites, 1616 Grinstead Drive
Tahini Salad: Pita Delites, 1616 Grinstead Drive

We tasted items from these restaurants too:
Safier Mediterranean Deli, 641 S. Fourth St. (third-place hummus)
Marrakech, 1001 Bardstown Road (second-place falafel)
The Grape Leaf, 2217 Frankfort Ave.
Shiraz, Frankfort Ave.

So, what's your favorite?


Carrie said...

I've never been to Al Watan but I lurve Pita Delites. I've also been to Shiraz and while it was good, it wasn't very memorable.

Dr. Chingasa said...

I like Shiraz's veggie kabob and mahi-mahi kabob.

Thommy said...

I vote Shiraz. I like their falafel and hummus better than anywhere else in Louisville. Al Watan seemed very mediocre to me.


digitalcowgirl said...

Wow, I only know 2 of these places...thanks for the eye-opener.

What a great idea!