Saturday, March 10, 2007

This backyard needs landscaping help

Would you like to landscape my yard? As you can see, it needs everything.

Are there any contests I can enter? Any students who need experience? Someone who wants a community garden project?

This yard is hideous and needs your help.


Anonymous said... is what you can do with your back yard. Call Paul Busse in Cincinnati and he will design you a fabulous backyard complete with tracks, sidings, bridges, ponds, tunnels and such. Then all you need is the trains to go with it....have fun!!!

Kath said...

Seriously, contact your local college and see if they have an Ornamental Horticulture or Landscaping dept. Your yard can become someone's Senior Project.

Worth a try?

Dott Comments said...

Anonymous (aka: my sister!)- why don't you send me some photos of your backyard (complete with all the trains) so my readers can see what you're talking about.

Carrie said...

I'll make a lasagna garden for you so you can grow your own basil and asparagus (neither of which need much care). Building a lasagna (layered) garden is a way to recycle your newspapers, leaves, and lawn clippings. Call me about it!