Monday, January 1, 2007

You say you want a resolution?

Instead of New Year's Resolutions for myself, this year I've decided to make some for everyone else.

For the children: Cut down on the drama
For Babycakes: Learn to cook like an Israeli (use the new cookbook)
For my friends: Party on. Invite me, I'll come with a bottle of wine
For my employer: Give everyone an office with a window
For my coworkers: Read my mind
For my fellow bloggers: Write like you mean it
For my readers: Leave part of yourself behind - comment!


JC said...

Happy New Year!

Kath said...

I do and I did!

Happy New Year's :-)

Dott Comments said...

Excellent! Thanks.

EEK! said...

Keep dreaming on that mind-reading bit! :)

digitalcowgirl said...

I like this form of a list! You've inspired me...

MsAPhillips said...

Happy New Year! Your post caught me just as I was about to resolve not to tell other people what to do -- this looks like a LOT more fun.

From now on, New Year's Directives! SOMEBODY is going to owe me a peeled grape.

Dott Comments said...

MsA - C'mon and wave your control-freak flag. It's refreshing and satisfying.

Who says we should choose to be who we are not?