Sunday, December 31, 2006

Far out, man

No more evidence needed. The people who listen to WFPK in Louisville are old hippies. I know because I am one. And because of this list.

We were asked to write in with our top 5 greatest albums of all time. The folks at the station would compile the votes and spend the week between Christmas and New Year's playing selections from the top 919 (because they are 91.9 on the FM dial) albums.

Here are the top 20. (Asterisks indicate my votes.)

1 Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon*
2 Beatles, Revolver
3 Beatles, White Album*
4 The Clash, London Calling*
5 Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
6 Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited*
7 Beatles, Abbey Road
8 Van Morrison, Moondance
9 Beatles, Rubber Soul
10 U2, Joshua Tree
11 Joni Mitchell, Blue
12 Beatles, Sgt. Pepper
13 Radiohead, Ok Computer
14 Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
15 Grateful Dead, American Beauty
16 Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street*
17 Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
18 Velvet Underground, Loaded
19 Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark
20 Paul Simon, Graceland

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