Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The mania is over, it is now safe to leave your homes

I got a little manic Christmas weekend.

SATURDAY: Eight people showed up for the post Hanukkah latke-fest. I cooked seven pounds of potato latkes, or a little less than a pound of latke per person (except that Jack ate four pounds on his own).

SUNDAY: Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a terrific place for Christmas Eve brunch, especially when your friends order bourbon french toast AS AN APPETIZER and the bloody marys are world famous. I almost went to the mall afterwards to sit in the massage chair but came home and took a nap instead.

MONDAY: Presents, a movie with the children and chinese food for dinner.

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Kath said...

Note to self : Get to Louisville, KY one day soon to meet the way cool KY blogorati and check out this Lynn's place that EVERYONE (Dott, Jason, Eek!, Bryan) talk about.