Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanks for the memories

Thanksgiving weekend was quite nice this year. Here are a few of the memorable moments:

- The Corn Pudding Incident: I said: "Should I make corn pudding?" Others said, "No, there are plenty of side dishes already. No one will miss it." Ninety minutes later, Jack's girlfriend Sarah announces "Corn pudding is my favorite Thanksgiving dish."

- Acting Just Like Family: "I want more whipped cream," announced guest #1. "Get your own," said guest #2.

- Thank you Jesus: Daughter Hannah, who drove to Owensboro with boyfriend Nick, called in the middle of the day to say "Thank you for being so open-minded. I slept last night in a room with bible verses on the walls!"

- The Mashed Potato Manifesto: We found this hand-written note near the leftovers in the refrigerator, "Do NOT eat the mashed potatoes. Everyone knows they are MY favorite." And then we found the leftover mashed potato container in the sink -- empty. The question was: Which teenager wrote the note and which one ate the mashed potatoes?

- I Meant It In The Best Way: I actually offered cash to Eek's friend in exchange for her red cowboy boots. I admired the boots. Really. Was that rude?

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EEK! said...

All's fair at the leftovers potluck. Pie coming to work tomorrow.