Friday, November 17, 2006

Honey, I made the children weird

the children are weird
I found this photo when I was downloading some images from my camera.

What on earth are they doing here? Why? I'm not sure which I find scarier -- the mask or the blue hair.

Parenting advice now welcome.


EEK! said...

Definitely the mask. Nightmareville!

You missed a wicked power outage at the office today. Good times.

Dr. Chingasa said...

Are they demaning a ransom for something? They look like they are. Have you found a picture of a note written in various clipped-fonts?

Kath said...

Blue hair is cool!

I'm dying my hair purple after the first of the year. Was going to dye it next month for my birthday, but seeing as I will be going to CA for Christmas at my parents house and there will be family pix taken, my Mom has asked me to hold off.

Told her I would respect her wishes and schedule the change for after the New Year.

I can't wait...have wanted to do this for years!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The mask, do you have to ask??? Has he been watching Point Break?