Thursday, July 6, 2006

Love them cowboys

I've spent the last week or two watching cowboys on TV.

First, there was the new TV movie "Broken Trail" with Robert Duvall. It was okay but nothing compared to "Lonesome Dove," the fabulous mini-series with Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. "Lonesome Dove" is one of my favorites of all time along with the classic "Little Big Man" and cheesy-but-wonderful "Dances With Wolves."

The Hallmark Channel, understanding how Duvall-in-a-Stetson draws viewers, decided to broadcast all eight hours of "Lonesome Dove" last weekend. My DVR has never been so happy.

I still haven't caught up on some episodes I missed of DeadfuckingWood on HBO, which isn't about cowboys so much but fits loosely in the genre. All except the fucking cussing.

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