Saturday, July 15, 2006

New kitchen floor or flat screen TV?

I lust. I drool. The very name ... Sony ... makes my pants pound. But I have so many questions about flat screen televisions. Jeremy at Best Buy answered these for me:

Q. Where do the wires go when you mount a flat screen TV to the wall?
A. They drill holes in your wall and fish the wires down and out to connect to your cable box and other stuff. For an extra $500 (!) they will install your TV for you. For $100 they will come to your house first to see if hiding the wires inside the wall of your house will work. Then they'll deduct the $100 from the installation fee.

Q. What are the best brands?
A. (Duh.) Sony is #1. Then Toshiba. There's not much difference in price but Toshiba goes on sale more often.

Q. What is the most popular size?
A. They sell a lot of 32-inch models but 26-inch is a close second. The price difference between the sizes is about $400. The bigger models work better in bigger rooms.

Q. How much? (I know, if you've gotta ask ... you can't afford it.)
A. Between $1,300 and $2,000. Then there's the installation ($500), and the mounting bracket (another $80 to $200, depending on what you choose).

Q. Will they get cheaper?
A. Don't count on it.

Q. Should we get one?
A. Do YOU have one? What would you recommend?


EEK! said...

First of all, I would recommend that you talk to my brother at HH Gregg. One simply does not go to Best Buy. :)

dottcomments said...

When I "talk" to your brother will I get a giant friend-of-the-family discount?

EEK! said...

He does have discount discretion, actually.