Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The pampered cat

When I got home from work yesterday I noticed that Moe, the cat, seemed drunk. She was walking with an unsteady gait, as if she could not control her back legs.

Moe is 17 years old. And she doesn't drink alcohol. Something was definitely wrong.

The vet said he thinks she had "a small stroke." Her eyes were unevenly dilated and she wobbled. "This," he said, "is not unusual for a cat this age (80 in human years)."

So we took her home and fed her scrambled eggs. Tonight she gets tuna. I wish we'd spoiled her more.


Kath said...

How is your kitty doing? Better, I hope.

dottcomments said...

The pampered-kitty diet is working well. We've given her tuna, salmon or eggs every day. She's getting around ok but isn't very spunky.

The vet said as long as she's eating and using the litterbox as usual she will continue this way ... unless there's another episode.

Heather said...

tuna, salmon and eggs? Cat eats better than I do. Hope she's better soon. What a cutie!