Monday, February 7, 2005

I am easily overwhelmed while shopping for a new computer

It's time to upgrade. This rickety old Gateway and its state-of-the-art Windows 98 operating system just doesn't do it for me anymore. Despite my best clean up efforts, we're infected with spyware and adware (Jack, stay away from those file sharing and gaming sites!) and I'm sure I've deleted several essential registry keys which might explain why the computer chooses to reboot itself randomly.

I've never been an expert on hardware so I've invested countless hours during the last several days at kicking the tires on some new machines.

I'm worried. Have I picked the right combination of components? Am I paying too much? Should I buy a Mac? Will I forget to save some essential files?

It was so easy to buy a car. Honda. New. Reasonably-priced. No, I don't need to see the engine or how to open the trunk because I've owned five or six Hondas already in my life.

Why can't computer buying be this easy?


covertops said...

You know using a computer is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman.... you have to admire the design, turn her on and then when your ready... stick in your floppy!

what you thinking of getting ? Don't tell me your going for a Mac...(although a G5 does sound good). You can hardly go wrong with Dell but its a bit more pricy....and you'll always going to pay more to get new alloys and the other gadgets you'll want.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of it being reasonably priced, buying a Mac repeatedly IS like buying a Honda repeatedly. It is an assuredly good thing.

Speaking of Macs, we just got a Mac mini which we are using with our already existing keyboard, mouse and monitor for $500 or whatever it cost. Very reasonable.

-- Carrie

Anonymous said...

Mac! Mac! Mac! We have four macs in our house, age 1, 4, 10 and 18. They all still work, although two of them are just for pretty. We're about to get another. You just can't beat them for reliability, style, and ease-of-use. But you already know that, so what's with this silly Dell flirtation?

    -- Jason

Anonymous said...

Did the Dell upgrade a little over a year ago, and BOTH, computers (in the office) have had glitches that I HATE.
Can't use one of them for internet until I wipe the hard drive and start over...and I don't really want to do that.
Parts of it work ok though. Same for her sister computer, it won't recognize software (like the digital camera or it's program even though it's installed).
Customer Service???? What's that? Don't go there unless you are prepared to spend hours w/ a very polite but infuriatingly ineffective Pakistani!
I won't go w/ a Dell again. Sounds like Mac has it hands down.