Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Highway to hell

I was on the freeway a lot today. Two hours there [long meeting] and two hours back. There were good stories on Morning Edition until the radio faded out and then there was nothing but country music and jesus so I listed to Girlymen on CD and counted the number of dead animals on the side of the road.

There were about 100. Mostly racoons but a few skunk and deer (oh my god they are so big) and some that could no longer be recognized but judging from the fur I'd guess dogs, cats and coyotes.

And then I started noticing the bottles filled with yellow fluid. These were coke bottles and half-gallon milk jugs and other containers that wouldn't normally be filled with any liquid of that hue ... then I remembered hearing about how long-distance truck drivers don't stop to pee they just do it into bottles and toss them out the window.

Gross. Really.

I think somebody needs to get out there and clean up the side of the road.

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