Monday, July 9, 2007

Going places. Going nowhere.

I spent last weekend mostly doing things that OTHER PEOPLE wanted me to do. When they wanted to do it. Which is to say not when I wanted to. But I did it anyway.

I need to scream now.

Between the hours of 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 p.m. Sunday I drove more than 150 miles. I know this because I reset the trip meter after I filled up the tank.

I did not take a pleasant drive in the country. I just drove around town. Taking people places. Picking people up from places. People who prefer not to travel on the expressway. Driving to the ends of the earth to restaurants that were closed for vacation.

I was not on vacation. I would like a vacation. I would like to take a pleasant drive in the country.

I want to go now.


MsAPhillips said...

This list, although official, is a bit too narrow to encompass your mitvah.

Although #424, Not to refrain from rejoicing with, and giving gifts to, the Levites, might cover it. Were the Levites visiting from out of town?

Dott Comments said...

No, they were not from out of town. But they were relatives.

Anonymous said...

I spend most of my time doing similar things and I also want to scream and drive far away and not tell anyone where I'm going and just chill for a few times climbing (small) hills exloring Roman ruins (I live in the UK) until I've totally calmed down.