Monday, April 17, 2006

Sushi doesn't suck

Babycakes encouraged me to join her and our friends tonight for sushi at Maido.

As many of you know, sushi is not my favorite food. I don't think my polish or anglo-saxon ancestors ate it, so why should I? But I enjoyed some of what we ate tonight (but not the stuff in the middle row of this picture).


mk99 said...

It is my personal policy to not diss food I haven't tried. As I channel my mother when she disapproves of something her children, neighbor, in-laws, grandchildren or basically anyone does, and say "to each his own". That is her code for "I wouldn't do it that way and neither should you". I meant it literally.

However, I am positive that since I don't like seafood cooked...well, raw is not optional. Enjoy!

EEK! said...

On our way to North End last night, we saw you guys outside of Maido. I did a double-take, I thought you refused!

Maido isn't really a sushi joint, though ... there's so much else there to love. Crab shu mai, the sunburst, tuna tartar ... mmmmmmmm...

dottcomments said...

I HAD refused. But then I got the eyelash-batting "please will you go because I'm asking you" treatment.

It was good. Really.

mk99 said...

eyelash-batting "please will you go because I'm asking you" treatment

Works every time.

dottcomments said...

Yeah, remind me to tell you about the time she made me go to White Castle at 11 p.m. on a Friday night.

And then she got me, the "one who hates hot dogs" to go to lunch with her to a hot dog place. And yes, I ate one and no I didn't die.

She's got some powerful eyelashes, that Babycakes.