Friday, April 7, 2006

Hot! Flashes!

Last night I was among the 800 women (and two men, maybe) who attended the Kentucky Author Forum where we were treated to a conversation between Sue Monk Kidd and Jean Shinoda Bolin.

At the lovely wine and cheese reception I experienced an incredible hot flash -- it started at my knees (just above the cowgirl boots) and crept up my thighs, hips, torso, neck, ears and face. Then two minutes later I felt the unmistakable whoosh of uterine blood following the inevitable path of gravity.

I made it to the ladies room just in time to prevent an embarrassing stain on the lobby carpet (lucky for me I was wearing a long black skirt).

Babycakes suggested that I stay out of women-filled auditoriums again until after menopause is over.


Sue Richards said...

yikes...seems totally flash AND a period. Thus faar, I'm getting solo performances.

Best of luck.

Sue Richards

mk99 said...

oh the pains and angst of being women....but it sure the hell beats being a man

K Rad said...

Probably ruined a good pair of properly fitting underpants as well! Darn the luck!

dottcomments said...

Sue - thanks for the comment and I love your site

mk99 - you're right about that!

k rad - the underpants I'll keep for those "special" days