Monday, July 4, 2005

Things I've learned (while spending the weekend in the woods)

When the Web site says the cabin "sleeps 8" the correct response should be BULLSHIT.
Even after Kelly pitched her tent (that's right) on the upper deck and Carolyn inflated her air mattress on the floor we still didn't have enough sleeping space.

Eight women sure can bring a lot of stuff for three days.
We had an entire box of videotapes (no, we didn't watch any) and I think a hundred magazines. Besides tents (!) and air mattresses and folding furniture and enough food to feed a small country we also had a complete, professional-grade karaoke machine (with two microphones). My number was a spoken-word version of House of the Rising Sun.

Even a half-mile hike can be strenuous.
The trail was nicely marked in the nearby state park -- .05 miles. What we didn't realize was the elevation change of approximately 500 feet. Imagine a staircase. Now imagine that there are no stairs, only mud, rocks and roots. Just a walk in the woods girls, we're almost there, really.

All the "cool" people wear my shoes
I just bought a pair of Chacos, which are very nice and I highly recommend them. However, I've started to notice that they are very, very popular. We came off the mountain long enough to eat pizza at the place where all the climbers, rappellers and kayakers hang out and I counted about 50 pairs of Chacos. I'm not sure yet whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I love air conditioning
Sweat and sleep do not mix. And getting completely naked was not an option. It was hot. Once again, the Web site lied. The cabin had a pretty poor excuse that they claimed was an air conditioner plus a fan. But we had ice. And tequila. And beer. I survived.


Carrie said...

Sounds like a time :) Where did you go?? And I was thinking about Chacos too ... oh dear.

Heather said...

See...this is why I don't camp.

Steve Caratzas said...

Odd that the author of "I was naked there" now says "getting completely naked was not an option."

dottcomments said...

Carrie - It was near Natural Bridge State Park in the Red River Gorge.

Steve - You forget that I was sharing a small space with seven others. And while I am always up for the naked option, we took a (silent) vote.

eek said...

Somehow I missed the title of the previous post. I thought for sure you'd have two cabins.

That is insanity.

I guess it's a bond-or-kill time, though!

Carolyn said...

Steve, You are on the mark with the author of " I've been naked there." I happen to have been at the cabin and there was no vote, silent / non silent, on whether she should be naked or not. My vote would have been please get naked.