Friday, May 27, 2005

Songs that remind me of summer

I will not be tagged today. How about this instead: Five songs that remind me of summer:

Wild Thing - The Troggs
Hotel California - The Eagles
Ode to Billy Joe - Bobbie Gentry
Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful
Little Red Corvette - Prince

Your turn.


yournamehere said...

For some reason Nirvana's "I Hate Myself and I Want to Die" reminds me of summer. I look bad in shorts and I hate to sweat.

MsAPhillips said...

Bee Gees' cloying "I Started A Joke" because it was playing relentlessly every summer evening on my really cool round AM radio (changed 9V battery every three hours) and the song fueled my pre-adolescent irritated attitude; and Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper" because I could drive nihilistically, late at night, through empty suburban streets that all smelled like wet cut grass -- and STILL couldn't get the idea out of my head that putting an umlaut on "Oyster" seemed hopelessly illiterate.

Steve Caratzas said...

"San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)" - Scott McKenzie
"The Ballad of John & Yoko" - The Beatles
"Heart of Gold" - Neil Young
"4th of July, Asbury Park" - Bruce Springsteen
"I Love You, Suzanne" - Lou Reed

Carrie said...

"Daniel" by Elton John. I worked at UPS one summer and the relentless planes flying overhead always reminded me of that song.

Leah W. said...

1. Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"
2. Lil Rob - "Summer Nights"
3. Don Henley - "Boys of Summer"
4. Eagles - "One Of These Nights"
5. Dire Straits - "Walk of Life"

There are so many more...but those are some okay ones! :)