Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hangover, Sunday

Hangover? Yes, but it's an emotional one.

I dearly love my oldest child but she breaks my heart. I always forgive her (because I'm her mother) and then I have my heart broken again and again.

Friends, new mothers and fellow bloggers enjoy this time while you have it. You too may find out that you have created a perfect and flawed child who takes you to the very brink of hell and back.


Steve Caratzas said...


Heather said...

I've broken my mothers heart more times than I can remember. But is a mothers heart ever really broken? I would think a mothers love would be able to withstand any heartache.

Chin up. :)

dottcomments said...

Thanks to every who, because of this post, called or visited to find out if I'm okay.

Yeah. I'm okay. And I very much appreciate everyone who checked in with me. All of you helped me very much.