Saturday, January 8, 2005

Next time, the Reuben

Babycakes and I found ourselves in (shhhh, don't tell anyone) the suburbs today so we had lunch at Naiman's Deli.

"Uncle Leo said the corned beef was good here," says babycakes. I trust Uncle Leo so I ordered the corned beef with spicy mustard on rye. Babycakes got tuna on rye. I'm not a pickle-eater so I gave mine to her.

I just have one thing to say about my lunch: OH -- MY -- GOD.

No, seriously. It was that good. The corned beef was sliced paper thin and piled about four inches tall. The rye bread was homemade or imported from New York or someplace where they know how to make rye bread (not here) and they let us buy a half-loaf to take home. Babycakes also bought a jar of pickles and treated me to a candy bar called Halvah, a chocolate-covered sesame seed something which prompted me to whine "Why have you never told me about these before now?"

But just about then we saw them: the reuben sandwiches. Unbelievable. These are no ordinary sandwiches, they are masterpieces of sandwich-making. Next time, the reuben. You can come with.


Anonymous said...

A good deli in suburbia? My god, where?

-- Carrie

dottcomments said...

Naiman's is in that odd shopping/office area at the corner of Hurstbourne and Shelbyville. You know, where that shiny aluminum-looking building is...

Hours: 10:30 to 8 p.m. daily except Sunday when they only serve brunch until 2 p.m.

Here's a review:

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Let's go :) I've never had a Reuben. -- Carrie