Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wish lists revisited

I used to make entire posts out of Wish Lists and it may be time to do that again. Only this time I think I won't post lists of things I want to BUY, I'll post lists of things I want to DO.

1. Finish painting the house
There's some woodwork still to do and a planned mural in the kitchen that we haven't started. And let's not forget almost the entire outside of the house. We've painted the front but not the other three sides.

2. Go to Greece
The Overdue Book Club (yes,that is the name of the club) apparently takes trips together. At the last meeting they started talking about another trip -- Greece. Could you hear me squeal with delight just then?

3. Pay off my credit cards
In the grand scheme of things I don't really owe that much. It's just that it feels so much better to be free of credit card debt that I'm anxious to be there again soon. Of course, children in college and trips to Greece make that harder than it used to be.

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