Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My resolutions for 2009:

1) Learn to drink bourbon
2) Get a fish for a pet
3) Play, laugh and dance
4) Take pictures
5) Read, write and create
6) Celebrate the small things
7) Trust
8) Plant a garden
9) Say "thank you" a lot
10) Stop waiting


Erin said...

I love #10.

I can help with #1.

Dott Comments said...

Thank you. Woot #9.

Melissa DeRosia said...

#1 was a big goal of mine before leaving KY. I thought to myself that having lived there for sometime I wanted more than just a fancy degree to come home to Michigan with, I want to be a seasoned burboun drinker. None of this mixing it with soda crap. Neat or on the rocks if I have to. Unfortunely I failed. I did... I tried the best, most expensive, cheap and mid grade types. Ugh, all of it burned going down and made me want to barf. I am gin girl plain and simple. Hopefully you have more success than I!