Tuesday, June 6, 2006

We call it "crawdad"

I love this dialect map.

According to the map, only 19.48% of those surveyed say "crawdad." And we all live in Kentucky. Well, okay, MOST of us live in Kentucky. I'll bet you $5 that the rest were raised in Kentucky.


mk99 said...

How interesting. Many moons ago I was approached in a library from a college student doing research on dialect.

She asked me questions like:

"What do you call the trim around your house that collects water?"

"What do you offer in the carbonated soda family to guests?"

"What is the largest piece of furniture that you sit on in your living room?"

By the way, the answers were: gutter, pop, couch.

dottcomments said...

Oh my. You're not from around here are you? Pop is a rude noise and couch is a very common surname in these parts.

It's COKE and SOFA. Gutter I agree with.

Steve Caratzas said...

Quothe Curly Howard: "She was bred in old Kentucky, but she's just a crumb up here."

mk99 said...

LOL...amazing how 60 miles north can make all the difference in the world.

EEK! said...

I am in a weird dialect space because I am half Northerner, 1/4 Southern and 1/4 Kansas.

It's soda or coke but NEVER pop

Couch unless it's my grandmother's antique in which case sofa

I drink from a water fountain, not a bubbler

I wear sneakers, not tennis shoes (I've never played tennis in my LIFE)

But they're always crawdads, because the non-Southern parts of me have no frame of reference for those creatures at all.