Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March musings

- What the heck does "seed" mean to the NCAA? Why has this never been explained to me?

- According to my calendar, it is spring. Dammit. Act like it.

- Where did all of the new Indian restaurants come from all of a sudden?

- Why are democrats still campaigning? It's been over a year people. Figure it out. Nominate someone. Stop embarrassing us.

- I'd like some new entertainment that doesn't involve food, drink or listening to someone talk, sing or act. Kite flying comes to mind.


Carrie said...

There's a fantastic kite flying hill practically in front of my house. Come visit!

Steve Caratzas said...

The Democrats will nominate Anish Patel Roopnarine, an introverted, tone-deaf, slightly hobbled weatherman and seed enthusiast for President.


Dott Comments said...

Geez Louise Steve! Way to make my day.

D'ya hear? Chelsea Clinton visited a notorious gay hangout in Louisville yesterday.

Was I there? Sheet. I'm not hip enough I guess -- my perfect excuse? I was under the weather.