Monday, December 31, 2007


Instead of making new year's resolutions for myself I thought I'd once again make some helpful resolutions for other people.

Neighbors: Get rid of that new barking dog, the leaf blower and the car alarm. And tone down the American flag decor while you're at it.

Screenwriters Guild members: Hurry up and settle the strike (but be sure to get everything you're asking for). Did you hear the networks are planning a new reality show called "Falling Down with the Stars"?

Presidential Candidates: Watch your backs. You've been campaigning so long already that I'm afraid that some new, more interesting candidate will show up and walk away with the prize. Probably someone who won "Falling Down with the Stars."

Happy New Year everyone! What resolutions would YOU make for other people?


mk99 said...

Furniture Liquidators, OxiClean, Ding King, etc.: A new marketer/advertising agent who can advise you to quit yelling at your prospective customers over the TV.

Dott: Continue to share intelli-whimsical insights into our surrounding world of misfits.

Happy New Year To You!

Dott Comments said...

Intelli-whimisical! I love that, thanks!