Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why do you act that way?

Disappointments this week:

FreeCycle -- Jess40258 why haven't you picked up that thing you said you wanted? I'm waiting!

Painter Pricilla -- god you are slow, and not even that good. Please, please, please will you finish with the bathroom so we can pay you and never see you again, please?

St. Joseph's Orphan's Picnic and DrunkFest -- I know, I know it's for the orphans and it's a Louisville tradition but the drunks left 11 bottles and cans in my yard last night and the hooting "Hey Buffy, c'mon over here so I can kiss ya!" went on until daylight (nah, probably 2 a.m.) and I think my property value dropped about 10 points because of you.

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