Monday, June 4, 2007

I need a new camera

brownie cameraI've been without a working camera for a week now and I can't decide what I want to buy. I loved having a small, point-and-shoot camera because it was so easy to carry around. Should I get another? If so, which one?

On the other hand, should I invest in a digital SLR (single lens reflex)? My very first camera was just like the one pictured here but by age 12 I was using a manual Nikon and developing my own film.

Tell me what cameras I should consider.


Carrie said...

I'm not going to be of much use here. I love our digital SLR (Canon Rebel) because of the high quality and options for better pictures in a variety of situations. However we don't take it anywhere unless we're sure there will be photo ops -- much too large.

We also have a Canon Elph (again love it!) but it's five years old and desperately needs to be upgraded to a new one. I really want the new one, but not this year. Maybe next. As it is I don't have a point and shoot to carry with me but I really want to!

Michelle said...

If you can find a Canon Powershot S2 it would be a great buy. I'm a photographer and this is the camera I recommended for my mom (an avid photography hobbyist) and she absolutely loves it and I uses it from time to time and think it's great.

Thommy said...

You can't go wrong with a canon powershot. Check this out: Steve Digicams ... "The best"

Anonymous said...

I have a new Canon Power Shot SD630. It has 6.0 megapixels and will fit in a pocket or fanny pack. The display is as big as the camera(3.5 x2.5). Uses SD memory cards and rechargable batteries. Has features I have not learned how to use yet.
Your sister.

Kath said...

Here's the link to my camera. Absolutely love it! Fits in my pocket and I always have it with me.

SLR's are huge but some people carry them everywhere they go. Depends on your priorities.

Dott Comments said...

Got one! It's a Canon Powershot A460. Murphy's had them on closeout for Father's Day for only $99.

At that price I figured I could still shop for a digital SLR (the Nikon D-40 looks like my top choice) and have both.

Kath said...

Have your cake and eat it too!