Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Do I know the way to San Jose?

I finally arrived in San Jose 12 hours after I boarded the first plane at 6:30 a.m. this morning.

It was supposed to be an easy trip -- hop on Delta to Atlanta, a 75-minute layover (time for breakfast) then the 4+ hour trip to San Jose. But our plane in Louisville had a minor mechanical problem which delayed takeoff for an hour.

We actually got into Hartsfield-Jackson in time to make the connection, but we had to sit on the ground because our gate was not clear. Then I had to travel from the farthest point at Terminal E to Terminal B. By the time I got there, the plane had already taxied to the runway.

Dash to the reticketing counter. Rebooked to LAX, then STANDBY on American Eagle to San Jose.

But I'm here. Safe and sound.

Vacation starts Friday noon, when this meeting is finished.


Kath said...

Have fun!

Used to live in San Jose...some fun times to be had. Hit me up on my personal email if you want/need suggestions.

And doesn't the traffic there suck??

Melanie said...

Um, I believe we still need a blog entry about a certain red bra (ahem)... Whatcha got? :)