Monday, November 7, 2005

I'm a cowgirl

Since my last post I have 1) travelled to New Mexico and 2) decided to become a cowgirl.

I have the boots to prove it.

Happy birthday to me.


Heather said...

I LOVE New Mexico! Sooooo pretty!

Happy Belated.

Steve Caratzas said...

Since when does a cowgirl have... ohhh, boots!

dottcomments said...

If I weren't so dang lazy (goes with the cowgirl attitude) I'd post a photo.

(Wearing them now.)

K Rad said...

Howdy, maam! (tippin my hat to you)

I've seen them thar boots on this here little lady and they are right nice. And they'll come in real handy if you have the need to stomp some ass!
Be sure to have the rootinist, tootinist birthday month ever! You make a fine cowgirl indeed, yes sir-eee... Fine cowgirl!

EEK! said...

I have been thinking about buying some cowgirl boots.

Please do sport yours in person soon.

Midnight cowgirl!